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College Consulting

About Selective College Consulting

Our goal at Plus Tutoring is "to help students identify and achieve their dreams and

fulfill the immense potential of their talents." For most high school students college

is the next step along the journey to achieving their dreams. While great grades and

test scores are a significant aspect of the college admissions process, there are other

complex details involved that Plus Tutoring simply can't assist with. That is why we've

partnered with Selective College Consulting to offer our students the complete

package in terms of college readiness. From here on I'll let Selective College Consulting

elaborate on their services in their own words.....

Why Choose Selective College Consulting?

Selective College Consulting provides a different approach to counseling high school students and their families. We help students succeed in every part of the college admissions process, not just essays or identifying potential schools. If the admissions representatives review it, we help students perfect it.

Our strength is our program, and our people.

Our Founder and Chief Mentor, Robert LeVine, is the former Chairman of the Harvard Schools Committee for the West Coast of Florida. Bob understands the inside, behind-the-scenes methods of admissions committees. Moreover, Bob continues to work with admissions directors and representatives, local college interviewers, and high school administrators and counselors.

SCC clients also benefit from the knowledge of multiple experts. Each student has a personal mentor plus additional support from a professional editor and an experienced interviewer.

SCC teaches techniques necessary to maximize an applicant’s chances of gaining admission to colleges of their choice, especially the most highly-selective colleges. Our programs help students recognize their true strengths through Guided Self-Analysis; provide hands-on editing assistance for essays and applications; and prepare students for interviews with insight and practice not available anywhere else. Our programs are truly unique; nobody in the world helps students as completely as does SCC.

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