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The Ultimate Guide for SAT Math Self-Study

When it comes time to take the SAT everyone has the same question

"how do I best prepare for the test?"

And really the options boil down to this, do you go to the local bookstore/ and buy a bunch of books and get to work or do you enlist the help of local test prep tutor to assist you?

I of course believe that enlisting the help of a test prep tutor (hopefully me) is the best plan of action, but I understand that cost may be an issue or that some people simply prefer to go solo for a variety of reasons. Well if you've already decided or are at least leaning in the direction of preparing for the SAT solo then this guide is for you. This is my no-holds-barred guide to mastering the SAT from the comfort of your home.

Step 1

How many people follow through on their New Year's Resolution for the entire year? (or even a month) Do you hear crickets? Well it turns out us humans just aren't as disciplined and focused as we like to think we are. In fact I used to ask my student's if they'd always do their SAT hw and almost all of them promised they would. Guess how many actually did? Probably about 5% and that's despite the fact that they knew they'd have me to answer to each week if they neglected to do it! In other words, if you're doing this thing solo the chances are slim that you're gonna stick to the plan if you even have one. But that's why I'm here.

Now you're not gonna like it but you'll need to reach into your wallet/purse or online bank (because it's 2018 and most people don't have a ton of cash laying around anymore) and get $100. Your first task will be to find an accountabilibuddy. (a buddy that holds you accountable) All of my students give me $100 prior to tutoring and each time they don't complete their hw by the listed due date I donate $20 to charity. You of course can do this too but you'll be using a friend or parent you trust instead of me. Set an arrangement with your accountabilibuddy to text them pictures of your completed hw by the listed due dates (I'll provide these below) or else they get to keep 20 of your hard earned dollars. Why do this? Because we humans procrastinate like crazy and if we don't have someone holding us accountable we tend to be pretty darn lazy.

Step 2

You'll need the best of the best when it comes to test prep books. Luckily I own and have read through almost every one on the market so you can trust that my recommendations are sound. (If I was writing this at the office instead of at home I'd take a picture all of my test prep books as proof) Even so the two books you'll need in order to crush the SAT are as follows.....